Walking My Way Home

Tomorrow I complete my journey of 24+ years working for Microsoft and I am eager start my next chapter. Thru-hiking the Pacific Crest Trail (PCT) from Mexico to Canada will fill my immediate future and after I make it back home, I’m confident that I’ll have some insight into what comes next.

Lots more about the trail, planning, and logistics later but for now, here’s the brief note I sent to all the amazing, talented Microsoft people with whom I had the privilege of working:

Journey’s End

Interestingly enough, I began my Microsoft journey precisely 9000 days ago(!) so today marks the close of a big, personal chapter.  I carry forward great memories of changing the world with the likes of you all and wish everyone nothing but continued success in whatever stirs your heart. Lifeproof 77-52563 FRE Waterproof Case 3pt52oz (4)

As for more me, I’m off to realize my long held dream of thru-hiking the Pacific Crest Trail from Mexico to Canada.  I start north on May 9th and will finish sometime mid-September after 2650 miles, ~6MM steps, and >600K calories consumed.  If so inclined, you can follow my story at www.walkingmywayhome.com.  Honestly, the blogging seems much more daunting to me than the hiking but I’m committed to discovering whether or not that’s true.

 Let the journey begin!

I hope you didn’t miss the part above about my fear of blogging. I have little idea what I’m getting into and ask for your patience as I discover my voice and learn the ins/outs of WordPress.  My first attempt did not go so well when my first and all too clever blog name- walkingawayhome- had my wife convinced I was angling for divorce. Rest assured dear reader that nothing could be further from the truth! In fact, Katrina’s blessing for my happy little dream stands as further evidence of my great good fortune in life. I’m a lucky man.

If you choose to come along, I pledge an honest account of both trail adventure and self-discovery. Who knows what we’ll find? I hope you will join me as I walk my way home.

10 Replies to “Walking My Way Home”

  1. First! Congrats John, looking forward to following your travels… and drinking a beer with you at trails end in Sept.. 🙂


  2. I wish you the best journey ever and I’m looking forward to your blog in ways that you find fulfillment in the experience and love for all God’s creation canvas. Keep safe and I’ll follow you thru the months ahead. Love you, Mom


  3. With a single step, one’s journey does begin… [Yoda a la Lao Tzu]

    May the 9th is ALL YOU, John.

    Inspire – yes to both meanings of this verb – to breathe and to spark!


  4. I promise to walk beside you, wherever that may lead and i’ll do my best to send forth your brother …perhaps some nephews (maybe a niece or two) to share the path and a tent at some point or another. You will be in my daily prayers. Katrina, this will be an adventure of a totally different kind for you; I’m with you as well! let’s have a tea party, at least once!


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