Plans Best Laid T-15

Taping up my resupply boxes over the weekend felt like commitment. At some point all the researching, planning, and preparing gave way to a centered calmness knowing that I am ready to walk. The chaos surrounding my little bubble elsewhere in life tells a different story.

Never ones to play small, Katrina and I set about reconfiguring our cirucumstances to accommodate my absence for 4 months, Hanna heading to college come September (UW, woot!), and life after the corporate desk job. Everything from installing security cameras, building flower boxes, doing finish electrical/plumbing/carpentry, and moving furniture, each day has reminded me of both the satisfaction and toll of physical labor. Just as I have my plan for the trail, we have sketched out our audacious plan for life’s next chapter.  I complement Kat’s exquisite design sense and human touch with a stubborn ‘we can do it all’ attitude.

My optimistic approach shows up in my plan for the PCT too. I am starting out later than the conventional norm of early to mid April. Ideally you want to time your entry into the Sierras at about mile 700 to balance the creeping heat of the Mojave desert with the snow melting in the high mountains. Think oppressive, dry desert walking with scarce water versus abundant water although in the form of hip deep mushy snow and high running creeks. With super high snowpack this year, I’m betting a later start makes good sense. Even so I expect my pace will be faster than the average bear driven by my desire to get home (see site title) and I hope to hit the Sierras mid/late June. Combining all those factors, an admittedly unachievable schedule emerges (yep, there’s an app for that too) and I can guess where I will be and when.  Lots of folks have expressed interest in meeting up somewhere along the way and this stands as my best albeit preliminary estimate. It presupposes at least 20 miles per day and does not account for any days off so while I know it’s not right, I’d rather my food boxes be waiting for me than the other way around. Interestingly enough, only 4 of the 29 boxes I will be sending go to Washington addresses pointing out the immensity that is California.Now all that’s left for me to do besides the waiting is to stuff my backpack, bring all my resupply boxes over to my momma’s house, and get on a plane. Oh, that and the umpteen other things on my list(s):