Master of My Fate T-36

“Because I say so” seems like the last refuge for exasperated parents faced with endless “whys?’ but a subtler truth lies therein.  Declarative language holds the power of creation. Whether envisioning new software products, changing perspective on shitty circumstance, or self-generating motivation to tackle big challenges, for me, everything starts with words. As humans with integrity and who always like to be right, we often do everything possible to live into the reality of our words for good or ill.


Invictus, a Victorian poem by William Ernest Henley, has shaped this approach to my life ever since I first encountered it in high school. (Huge props go out to Bruce Saari, teacher of the humanities, Sammamish High School 1985). While it won’t help you escape death, the poem captures the idea that we can choose how our life will be using the power of personal conviction.

So what the heck does all that have to do with hiking the Pacific Crest Trail? Well, when I declare to people I’m doing the PCT, I am met with incredulity, envy, and/or enormous support. I worry that I am not being thankful enough for that last bit. Should I respond to every supportive blog comment or will an endless stream of ‘thank you’ be a bore? While I will certainly try to answer any questions, let my boundless gratitude here suffice for one and all. Simply telling everyone that I’m thru-hiking translates into the motive power I need to accomplish it. Indeed, as you have read above, this blog and your unwitting readership underpin the creation of my personal experience and inspire- breathe life into- its becoming a reality. Hey, thank you very much.

Therefore, I am hiking the Pacific Crest Trail because:

It’s been a long held dream.

I have the time.

The pictures look spectacular!

I read countless trail blogs from others.

I like cool new gear.

I watched ‘Wild’.

I say that I am.

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