Day 6 – Mother’s Mercy

Barrel Springs to Warner Springs

Mile 101.1 – Mile 109.5

Just strolling north

Today the trail relaxed into a smooth path through rolling hills and grassland. Lucky for me and my tired body, circumstances have conspired to ease my way. I only had to make about 8.5 miles to Warner Springs and an enforced timeout to await  my  next resupply box when the post office opens tomorrow at 8am

Angel extraordinaire aka Mom

I know the first bestest angel,  trail or otherwise, had something to do with it.  My mom is the support crew at home sending boxes and I think she knew her boy needed a break today. Thanks Momma, Happy Mother’s Day, I love you!

A PCT bloom for all the mothers

Here’s to the mothers in my life! I think we can all agree we would not be without them. I raise my EmergenC infused water bottle to you. Salud!

Hi Mom!

The difference in the trail today helped distract me from my stubborn foot pain. I encountered yet another touchstone of the PCT, Eagle  Rock. It does not take much imagination to see it.

Bovine oblivion
The whole PCT is exactly like this, honest.

After navigating my way through a herd of cows, the way descended into an idyllic, shaded watercourse into finally depositing me in Warner Springs.

The community center, here, staffed by volunteers, becomes a haven for hikers this time of year. I had a bucket shower, did bucket laundry, and took advantage of their free wifi. It’s pretty great hear music and spend an afternoon lounging about.

Note- Yesterday’s post was delayed due to a lack of connectivity as I am sure future ones will be too.


8 Replies to “Day 6 – Mother’s Mercy”

  1. Great work John! 1st 100 miles down… I hope your feet start to feel better! Sounds like a truly great adventure.


  2. Hello UnJohn, This is Easton. I am wondering if you saw any eagles near Eagle Rock? Maybe they will protect you from rattlesnakes!


    1. Hey Easton, no eagles near Eagle Rock just a bunch of cows. Not sure how much help they would be but I did think about trying to ride one.


  3. This is Anne. I wish you GOOD LUCK!!!!!!!!! (mom says ‘good skill’!)
    Please sing a song on the trail today and tell me what the song was.


    1. Hi ya Annie, I already have my song for today sent by Uncle Dave. It’s ‘Heart of Gold’ by Neil Young. Check it out.


  4. Thanks for the call yesterday evening. It made my Mother’s Day and the best to hear your voice and know that you are OK. I must admit I was a little worried when you didn’t post on May 12 being that WIFI was not available. I’ll remember that when you don’t post another day. Enjoy the beautiful scenery and I love you very much. Momma


    1. Thanks Morgan, I agree. I think I’ll cool my jets in Idyllwild tomorrow. Cool town and I got here 2 days early. I have a loose schedule full of unknowns the biggest of which is Sierra snow starting around mile 700.


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