Day 30 – Brotherhood

June 7

Hill Camp to Tehachapi
Mile 550.6 – Mile 566.4

Down the mountain this morning

Knowing that today was a town day in Tehachapi eased the morning ritual of rising early and breaking camp. That today was also a chance to see and reconnect with my brother in law Kevin put wings on my feet.

Distant windfarm

I had 16 miles to reach Highway 58 and a hitch into town. My frame of mind put me at peace with the sameness of the trail and I had an easy go of it. Another wind farm could be seen down in the distance and I was soon walking amid the towering pillars. I started thinking of it as a forest of pinwheel trees. The low hum and occasional clink were oddly soothing as the giant blades cut energy from the wind.

Giant pinwheel trees

Two familiar, itinerant trail angels, Legend and Coppertone, had set up shop at the day’s first road crossing but I was on a mission. With a smile and a wave I walked on by to complete the last 8 miles before it got too hot.

Useful sign


Across the tracks

After a steep descent on a loose slope, I crossed a set of double railroad tracks and reached the highway. TimBob, a Tehachapi resident, trail angel, and 24 year veteran of the nearby state pen, gave me a ride to the post office.
Box in hand, I wandered across the street to my room at the Holiday Inn. All the usual bliss ensued- shower, air conditioning, fresh food, and a monumental fix of Gatorade.

Need a lift?

Kevin arrived around 4pm after a two hour drive up from LA. He brought all the news of home, a fine selection of scotch, and the immeasurable value of cherished brotherhood.

Photobombing at the Emmys

I can’t remember not having Kevin in my life. He and I have shared countless life experiences from the spectacular to the mundane but I have always treasured our time together.
Today he played the savior driving my around town to do errands at the grocery store and laundromat. We enjoyed Tehachapi’s finest Mexican food and margaritas and then settled in for some scotch and Scrabble (he won).

Scotch and Scrabble

At this point on the trail, I think I needed a little familial shot in the arm and am thankful Kevin was there for me. If you haven’t figured it out yet, Kevin is the best.
He stayed the night and after a carbo loading breakfast bonanza, he whisked me back to the trail where we said our “See ya again soon”s.

Comparing breakfasts

This next section is said to be the driest of the whole PCT and to also lack network coverage due to its remoteness. As always, I will post as I am able.

“With wide open country in my eyes and these romantic dreams in my head”

6 Replies to “Day 30 – Brotherhood”

  1. It warms my heart to see you two together. Glad you had this time to play scrabble and enjoy each other’s company. Keep on trekking Apple Jack!! Love you Momma


  2. So happy Kevin was able to meet with you. Keep on trekkin’ & blogging, we love reading about & watching your progress!
    Cheryl & Rob


  3. Kevin is awesome! I just got to see him at Hanna’s graduation and he was so looking forward to seeing you. Ella and Gracie were adorable with Rona and gave this Mama a much needed break. Your absence was noticed! Sending much love!


  4. Very nice! Great pics, Kevin was sooooo happy to see you and kinda hated to leave you on the road where you last stepped off the trail, even though it’s what you wanted. You are really doing it John! A longtime dream realized and no retreat, no surrender !
    You are so strong!!


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