Day 6 and 7- Angels of Resupply

Scissors Crossing to Agua Caliente

Mile 77 – Mile 115.2

Early morning over Scissors Crossing

I remember last year’s hot climb up and over from Scissors Crossing so I planned on an early start for what would be a ~23 mile day to Barrel Spring. I camped that night just off the first switchback after hitching a ride back from Julian graciously offered by Nature Beast, a thru hiker from 2016.

The night was spectacularly bright lit by a half moon and canopy of stars. When the stars winked out I knew it was time to move and take advantage of the cool morning hours.

Tenacious beauty

Rather than lug 6 liters of water like last year, I chose to rely on the crowdsourced PCT Water Report that said 600?!+ gallons of water were cached at the 3rd Gate about 15 miles ahead. Apparently the local owner of a ranch donates pallets and pallets of Crystal Geyser from Costco. It’s as impressive as it is nontrivial to make that happen in such a remote location.


I was grateful for the 2 liters that got me to Barrel Spring. As hot as it was, I considered a siesta in this cool little cave but decided against and soon passed the 100 mile mark.

After refilling at Barrel Spring my body said time to camp so I found a little spot where I could use some extra water I had gathered to wash off my salt encrusted body. I went to sleep knowing I had a relatively easy 8 mile stroll in the morning past Eagle Rock to Warner Springs and my first resupply box.

Classic PCT pics

I am so fortunate to have my sister Lisa and her two children, Easton and Anne pick up where my Momma left off last year. Before I left, we had fun having them carry my training pack unfairly loaded with 6 liters of Pellegrino. “How will you even walk!?” exclaimed Anne after shouldering what I am sure was at least her body weight. “Make sure you leave the boxes open” they said so they could add surprises.

Resupply Angels

It’s way more fun to get a box when you don’t already know everything in it. Not only did I get 2 dozen perfect molasses cookies made by Anne along with other treats, I got the sweetest note ever:

Anne, Easton, and Lisa, you make me happy and Momma(Grandma) proud. Thank You!

I spent the day at the Warner Springs Community Center doing laundry, showering, caring for my feet, and munching cookies. It doesn’t take long for bucket showers and laundry to become heaven sent. And as I told Easton, it’s important for warriors to have clean underpants 😊

6 Replies to “Day 6 and 7- Angels of Resupply”

  1. Awesome work John! Following you today, you make it look so easy, and I know it is not. I hope you enjoy your evening out before you get to Idyllwild 🙂


  2. Thank you for including me in the action! Good luck on walking through the desert! The high is supposed to be 79 degrees today. Wish I could share a Popsicle with you!


      1. THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Also, don’t get close enough to find out if rattlesnakes like Popsicles or not!
        P.S. There might be some more cookies coming your way.


  3. Great advice by your niece! “Don’t trip on the trip.” Keep evything in perspective. I’m glad you’re out again- Brad (my office neighbor) shared the news with me and I am excited to see how your trip unfolds this year. I’m the same way, I can’t leave things unfinished. The great thing about the mountains is they are always there – when the conditions are not right we can always come back in ideal weather to reach our goals.


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